Brain Talk Series Event: This is Your Brain on Chocolate! November 9th, 2018.

You know you want it…  A FREE event where you learn the fascinating science of how chocolate affects your brain, while you savor some of the finest chocolate products this world has to offer! And you’re in luck because you’re invited! We’ve collaborated with our friends at Chocovivo LA and took brain scans of their legendary chocolatiers before and after they consumed their products, to see the changes chocolate makes to EEG (electrical brainwaves). But we didn’t just do this with regular chocolate, we tested them on CBD infused chocolate as well!


To learn the results of the study, and learn everything else you could ever want to know about chocolate, CBD and the brain?! Come to CulverCity’s Chocovivo Friday November 9th, 2018 to enjoy this FREE talk and a full menu of unique bean-to-bar (and beverage) treats! All their products are made with stone-ground cacao, in the tradition of the Mayans and Aztecs – it’s unreal! Head over to our FB event page for the full info. Plus let us know in the comments what you’d most like to learn from this event! We’ll be live-streaming here in IG for all our fans outside of the LA area!!


P.s. If you also want the recipe to the Chocovivo Olive Oil Mousse pictured above, it’s on their website!

To learn more check out Facebook event page.

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