Mindfulness FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Mindfulness FAQ
Mindfulness FAQ

Mindfulness FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

What is Mindfulness?

The term “mindfulness” was first introduced in the U.S. in the 1970’s and is generally defined as: “Paying attention, in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.”

Here at Peak Brain we practice mindfulness following this definition, but with a subtle change. We define Mindfulness as:

Paying Attention, in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and noticing judgments and criticisms.

This small shift away from the notion of being non-judgmental to noticing judgments is intended to acknowledge rather than deny this quality of the human condition.

Why Mindfulness at Peak Brain Institute?

Our ultimate goal at Peak Brain is the peak performance of your brain. This means introducing and implementing any and all techniques and resources that can bring us closer to that goal.

Mindfulness has been shown in many studies to have many beneficial effects for those who practice it, including reduced stress, better response to stress, better sleep, and greater mental clarity.

Adopting a Mindfulness practice is known to help people manage anxiety, stress, attention and so forth, as well as to improve concentration, empathy, compassion and inner peace.

We offer one-on-one Mindfulness coaching included with your neurofeedback subscription, and also offer this time with our coaches a-la-carte.

We also host free group meditation classes to the public, as growing our brain fitness focused community is super important to us!

How often should one meditate, or be mindful?

Our framework for mindfulness is rooted in the notion of personal experimentation and reflection. How often an individual meditates or engages in mindfulness depends, in our approach, on what is helpful or useful for that individual without adding new stress. Here at Peak Brain our Mindfulness practitioners will offer you a wide variety of meditation techniques and work with you to develop a customized practice that you will learn to love!

Our approach is very well supported by research which demonstrates that, following an introduction to the practice, the difference between those who practice and those who don’t is whether the individual “likes” the practice.

What does not seem to matter is whether practice is performed daily or on a different schedule, or whether the practice is a simple as 30 seconds of breathing or 45 minutes of silent focusing meditation.

How long are mindfulness sessions at PBI?

Adult 1:1 sessions are 60 minutes and Kid and Teen sessions are 45 minutes.

Groups are 90 minutes, and classes will vary in length based on the teacher and format.

Mindfulness FAQ – What kinds of packages do you offer?

We believe in Mindfulness as a brain-building training, so offer it both with and without Neurofeedback. Just like QEEG brain mapping, all packages include mindfulness instruction and support. It is optional but encouraged!

Beyond the occasional mindfulness provided by our EEG training program, you can elect Mindfulness packages that provide 1:1 instruction on a monthly or weekly basis with your mindfulness instructor of choice.

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