What Is NeurofeedbacK?

Neurofeedback: Personal training for the brain

Your Neurofeedback Journey begins with a QEEG, a Brain Coaching Consult, & personalized NFB training plan

Initial Consultation (before QEEG, optional): During an initial call or visit, we will discuss your goals and answer any questions about our services. This allows us to clearly understand your expectations and determine the best approach for your unique circumstances.

QEEG & Performance Assessment: Our starting point is an executive function test (CPT) followed by a non-invasive QEEG assessment that we use to measure your cognitive performance and the brain’s electrical activity respectively. During a QEEG session, a cap with small sensors is placed on the scalp that records the electrical activity of the brain. Our team will then perform data analysis to identify your unique brainwave patterns and potential areas for improvement with neurofeedback training. The QEEG can be done in our offices or in our Remote program, without a visit to us.

Brain Coaching Consult: We explore your performance and physiology with you, and actually teach you to read your data, and learn about your own neuroscience and how it operates. The CPT and QEEG findings let us develop a tailored neurofeedback training plan that caters to your specific brain activity. We build that plan from your brain, towards your goals.

Personalized Plan, & Iterative Neurofeedback: After the first few neurofeedback sessions (~ 30 min 3x per week) lingering aftereffects on sleep, energy, attention, and other goals are observed. Reporting on daily shifts helps us adjust and develop even more tailored protocols, based on what works.

Remote Training Sessions: If not near one of our larger in-office training centers, we will send all the training equipment out to you for neurofeedback training at home, during which you will receive real-time feedback on your brain activity through audio and visual cues while watching a video game. Our trained staff will guide and coach you through your first 6 sessions and will be available via live chat support to ensure an effective and comfortable experience. We recommend training between 3 and 4 times per week for optimal results.

Progress Tracking: We will monitor and review your progress throughout your training program. This allows us to make any necessary adjustments to your plan, ensuring optimal results. We use daily surveys and provide a live chat private to you, with access to your Brain Coaches.

Results: At Peak Brain, we conduct a follow-up executive assessment and QEEG upon completion of your training program. This allows us to measure how your baseline brain activity and attention performance has changed in response to the training and evaluate your progress.

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