*Teaser Course*- Peak Brain’s Tips for Finding Scalp Locations

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  • This course is designed to teach you to feel more confident in finding scalp locations for placing electrodes.
  • You will learn how to  find scalp locations by identifying various landmarks as points of reference.

What is the 10/20 System?

The 10-20 system is a method for finding specific locations on the scalp for EEG electrode placement. The system was developed to standardize placements for both clinical and research purposes and is named for the fact that each location is 10% or 20% of the distance to the next location, using one person’s skull.


At Peak Brain, we follow the 10-20 system to a large degree, though we may deviate slightly when indicating specific placements for your training goals and efficacy. Whenever setting up a session, adhere to our methods for finding these locations. The Peak Brain 10-20 system adjusts the C line to be even with auricular notch.


*Teaser Course*- Peak Brain’s Tips for Finding Scalp Locations

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