Neurofeedback Brain Training Free for Veterans

Neurofeedback, also called neurotherapy, is a technology that works with the brain to repair issues and boost cognitive performance.

It is called neurofeedback because it is a form of biofeedback for brainwaves, which are the electrical impulses in the brain.

While many things can disrupt healthy brainwave patterns, two of the most common offenders are traumatic experiences and head injury. As we know, military veterans are at higher risk for both of these.


Both trauma and head injury can cause many problems.

These can include, but are not limited to:

Mood disorders, including depression and anxiety, irritability, anger and rage; addiction; general cognitive fatigue and cognitive deficits; chronic pain; sleep issues including insomnia, night sweats and night terrors; post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); headaches and migraines; and attentional issues, including ADHD.


Neurofeedback teaches the brain to break the bad brainwave habits at the core of these issues.

Essentially, neurofeedback teaches the brain to construct new brainwave habits, thereby overcoming the issues of dysregulation, injury and trauma.



How Neurofeedback Helps Vets Where Other Services Fail

It is normal for a person who has suffered trauma to not want to talk about the experience. Unfortunately, most services for this population rely on talking about the experience as necessary to overcome it.

But with neurofeedback, you don’t need to talk about anything. This is because neurofeedback does not train you, the unique consciousness with all your thoughts and feelings and memories; Neurofeedback trains your brain.

To give you the best results, we need that you only answer a few simple progress assessment questions while we advance through your training. Are you sleeping better, or worse? Has it gotten any easier to concentrate at work, or harder? Has your mood lifted, or lowered? Have you found it easier to be patient with your family? Do you feel more motivated than you did last week? Etc.

The honest answers to these simple questions guide how we develop the protocols of each individual training program.


Accessing The Homecoming for Veterans Program

Homecoming for Veterans, or HC4V, is a national directory of neurofeedback practitioners who participate in the associated program of giving this service to veterans for free. Peak Brain Institute participates in this program at each one of our five locations:

Culver City, CA

Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Costa Mesa, CA

San Diego, CA

St. Louis, MO

At Peak Brain, we’ve designed the optimal neurofeedback experience as a 3-month training package, with training sessions 3 times per week. With this intensive training, your brain builds results (good habits) that last.

We provide 1 spot in the HC4V program per office, with a waiting list per location if that spot is taken. This ensures that each vet receives the 3-month training program in full. 

If none of our locations are convenient to you, please visit the HC4V website There you can search the directory to find a participating neurofeedback practitioner near you.


Do All Veterans Qualify to Participate?

Yes. At Peak Brain Institute, you do not need to have PTSD or head injury specifically to take advantage of the HC4V program. We are honored to work with any veteran towards whatever his or her cognitive goals may be.



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