Podcast Media list

Podcast Media list
Podcast Media list

Podcast Media list

This is the list of all postcasts Dr. Hill has participated in.  It will be updated by date:

Knowledge For Men Podcast with Andrew Ferebee

The Joe Rogan Experience #629

Dr. Drew Podcast #166

  • https://drdrew.com/site/166/
  • Returning guest from TruBrain Dr. Andrew Hill joins Dr. Drew this week to discuss his studies of the brain and to give Drew an update on how his research has progressed since his last appearance on the show in episode 135.

The Brainfluence Podcast with Roger Dooley

Becoming Superhuman Podcast

People Behind the Science with Dr. Marie McNeely

Less Doing, More Living with Ari Meisel

  • https://lessdoing.com/2015/02/09/podcast-124-andrew-hill-trubrain/
  • In Episode #124 Ari sits down with Dr. Andrew Hill, the Lead Neuroscientist at truBrain.
  • During their conversation, Ari and Dr. Hill discuss the secrets behind nootropics at-length, including what makes them “go” and why they’re so effective when it comes to helping people maximize their mind.

Beyond Wellness Radio #31

Life on Purpose

  • https://www.lifeonpurposeshow.com/episode13/
  • Living a life “on purpose” requires a healthy brain; plus many of our listeners are looking at ways to increase focus and productivity.
  • So Life on Purpose Episode #13 takes us to a place we’ve never gone before on the show: the brain!

 Smart People Podcast

Dr. Drew Podcast #135

  • Neuroscience expert Dr. Andrew Hill joins Dr. Drew for a conversation about brain health and how different actions will impact the development of the brain.
  • They also discuss minimal cognitive impairment and how that term relates to some of the recent Donald Sterling controversy.
  • As the show wraps up, they take listener phone calls on brain health.
  • https://www.alternativesbraininstitute.com/check-dr-hill-dr-drews-podcast/

Not Just Paleo with Evan Brand

Art of Charm with Jordan Harbinger

Exerscribe Radio – Biohacking Fitness:

 Entrepreneur Fitness

Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast / article

Smart Drug Smarts Podcast
Upgraded Ape Radio
  • Hacking your brain for peak performance with Dr Andrew Hill
    • Anyone can perform at a high level for a small amount of time, but how can you get into this game winning state faster and stay there for longer?
    • Dr. Andrew Hill joins me on todays Upgraded Ape Show and explains how cognitive fatigue effects (the sense of just not wanting to focus anymore which hits a lot of us in the afternoons) us and how he upgrades peak performing executives and athletes with EEG, meditation and nootropics.
    • Andrew and I discuss how to quantify your baseline brain power, what you can to do to increase your mental resources and then extend the amount of time that you can focus at that level.
    • https://www.alternativesbraininstitute.com/dr-hill-upgraded-ape-podcast/
Nick Morgan’s Forbes column / Public Words podcast
Michelle Rosenthal: Changing Direction / Change You Choose podcast
Podcast Media list
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