Dr. Hill on the Dr. Drew podcast #166

Returning guest from TruBrain Dr. Andrew Hill joins Dr. Drew this week to discuss his studies of the brain and to give Drew an update on how his research has progressed since his last appearance on the show … Listen to the podcast here.

Dr. Hill on the Dr. Drew podcast #135

Neuroscience expert Dr. Andrew Hill joins Dr. Drew for a conversation about brain health and how different actions will impact the development of the brain. They also discuss minimal cognitive impairment and how that term relates to some of the recent Donald Sterling controversy. As the show wraps up, they take listener phone calls on[…]

Peak Brain’s Meetup group

Get notified and RSVP for Peak Brain’s free talks, groups, and activities at our  MeetUp group! Example topics include ADHD, Autism and ASD, Aging, Mindfulness, Meditation, Neurofeedback, Nootropics, and other mind-body focused events.  Our goal is to support body-mind training and “biohacking” focused individuals, with information and connections both at Peak Brain in the in the[…]

Dr. Hill on The Joe Rogan Experience

Head on over to the JRE podcast to listen or click below to watch Dr. Hill banter with Joe Rogan for a three hour episode. The JRE is ribald and unapologetic.  This one is neither kid friendly or work safe! (JRE site audio) Direct YouTube link

Dr. Hill discussed CBD, Nootropics, and Neurofeedback on Ben Greenfield

  Dr. Hil returns to the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast to discuss some of the implications of THC and CBD on brain health, as well as reviewing some of the technologies and techniques that are accessible to start changing your brain and optimizing your brain health.

Dr. Hill on Inspireland

Peak Brain’s Dr. Andrew Hill as the episode guest on the Inspireland Podcast, discussing brain plasticity, meditation,  neurofeedback, and ADHD as well as nootropics, biohacking, nootropics, and other less mainstream Peak Brain strategies! Listen here!

Meditate This: Dr. Hill on Beefing up the Brain

“As the lead neuroscientist for TruBrain who teaches a course on healthy brain aging at UCLA,  Dr. Andrew Hill is someone worth paying attention to—if your brain matters to you, that is. In this episode, he explains nootropics and how they can help you focus, how neurofeedback training can aid those with addiction and depression, and how mindfulness[…]

Podcast & Media list

This is the list of all postcasts Dr. Hill has participated in.  It will be updated by date:   Knowledge For Men Podcast with Andrew Ferebee 143: Andrew Hill: Hacking Your Brain for Success in Life and Business The Joe Rogan Experience #629 Ribald and unapologetic banter with Joe Rogan, neither kid-friendly nor[…]

Peak Brain Los Angeles Open House Dec 12, 2015

  Peak Brain is proud to announce an open house on December 12th, to celebrate our new flagship center in Culver City, Peak Brain LA. Peak Brain LA offers brain and mind services, to work on addressing problems or for peak performance goals.  Peak Brain provides skilled brain services including QEEG Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback,[…]

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