Michelle Rosenthal: Changing Direction / Change You Choose Podcast

After you’ve experienced an event that leaves a dramatic impression on you, how do you recalibrate to get your mind and body back to a place of homeostasis? Triggers, tension and stress can make it challenging regulate your emotions, choose your focus and release any negative energy that your body holds. On this episode of[…]

4-Week Intro Mindfulness for Kids or Teens!

Peak Brain is pleased to announce two 4 week class series offered by Sam Snowden. 4-Week Introduction to Youth and Adolescent Mindfulness, beginning December 12. Two different classes will be offered, for Children (ages 5-11) and Adolescents (ages 12-16). Both classes will be 60 minutes long Through engaging activities and meditative practices, children will learn[…]

How to meditate

Meditation and mindfulness practices are an accessible and effective way of changing the brain for the better. At their their core, most traditional meditation practices are useful ways of exercising the resources of attention to improve stability and flexibility of attention. Here is a basic tutorial on how to meditate.    

Dr. Hill on Mental Focus and Clarity at Agape Spiritual Center

Monday, November 9, 2015 Agape Wellbeing Ministry Presents Miracle Mondays: Increase Mental Focus and Clarity We will discuss various ways you can regain control of your brain health using meditation, biofeedback, and a new category of cognitive-supporting compounds called nootropics. The talk will include information on how our brains develop and age, as well as what[…]

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