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The Biohacker's Special! $250 off QEEG Brain Mapping: available in office or remote!

unlock The Mysteries of your Peak brain: In Person or REmote

EXCLUSIVE Discount Pricing - $250 off!

Your affiliation with Qualia earns you a $250 discount on QEEG Brain Mapping or a full QEEG+Neurofeedback Program

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List price $2499
List price $499
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List price $4999
Remote: Biohack from anywhere
The Biohacker's Special (in-office)
Full Program, QEEG Every 2 Months
Unlimited Annual QEEG Included

QEEG Brain Mapping
at Home (USA)

2 Guided Assessments & Consults

  • 2 guided QEEG/CPT, with equipment sent to you
  • 2 Functional Neuro Consults with Dr. Hill
  • Also includes 1 year of assessments at Peak Brain offices
  • Access to Referral Program
  • Optional upgrade to NFB

QEEG Brain Mapping
at PeaK Brain

Annual Unlimited QEEG Access!

  • 1 year unlimited QEEG / CPT at Peak Brain
  • 2 Functional Neuro Consults with Dr. Hill
  • Unlimited brain mapping for 1 year (at Peak Brain)
  • Access to Referral Program
  • Included with Neurofeeback Programs

2-Months at Home

Build lasting changes, from home!

  • Up to 30 Neurofeedback Sessions (4x per week)
  • 2 Remote QEEG Brain Maps / CPT with Consultations
  • Guided Instruction & Live Support, 7 days a week
  • 2 Private 1:1 Mindfulness
  • Renewable for $2499

2-Months in Office

Visit your local Peak Brain!

  • Up to 25 Neurofeedback Sessions (3x per week)
  • 2 QEEG Brain Maps with Consults (at Peak Brain)
  • 1 year unlimited QEEG / CPT recordings at Peak Brain
  • 2 Private 1:1 Mindfulness
  • Renewable for $2499

Hi there, Biohacker! 

Are you into nootropics, senolytics, hacking your sleep, stress, energy, aging, attention, creativity, flow states, and cognitive performance?  You must be, because Qualia has shared this special link and offer with you!

You have come to the right place. Peak Brain can help you develop even more agency and perspective on your performance, and teach you how to use QEEG Brain Mapping and CPT executive function testing to evaluate resources and get a more clear picture of how stress, sleep, attention, speed of processing, brain fog and other foundational resources are opererating.

Our Biohacker’s Special lets you map your brain and do investigations into what interventions are landing and supporting you, and helps you develop additional strategies. Near a  Peak Brain Office Location in the US? Then the Special is just $249 annually including any brain maps you need (unlimited, within reason).  

We can also support you with QEEG Brain Mapping at home! We have a special bundle of 2 remote guided QEEG assessments available to help you do pre-post testing across a few months, and you are welcome to evaluate a couple of states during each 3 day Remote QEEG window (perhaps a clean map, and one with Qualia Life).

Want level up your brain-building strategies even further? Have QEEG & Neurofeedback kits shipped to your door and our Peak Brain Coaches will help guide you through a 2 month fully supported Remote QEEG & Neurofeedback program. This enables 25-30 or more neurofeedback sessions, and includes guided QEEG brain mapping.

Our 2 month Neurofeedback Program enables enough sessions to support noticeable and measurable change, both in your experience and in the data on reassessment. Common targets of ADHD, Anxiety, Sleep, Creativity, will often take 3-4 months to reach goals.

Schedule a call to speak to us about your brain goals around suffering or performance, or questions about what QEEG can show!



Listen to Dr. Hill speak with Qualia's Lauren Alexander & DR Greg Kelly!


QEEG (quantitative electroencephalography) is an advanced brain mapping tool that enables us to visualize your brain’s electrical activity, look at your resting patterns of resources (also called endophenotypes) and model your performance and experience. QEEG, especially when used with performance testing, can provide a detailed look into your personal physiology. Working with this data, you and our experts develop a personalized training plan to take control of your brain function

Read more about QEEG Brain Mapping.

Neurofeedback is a revolutionary intervention that harnesses the power of your neuroplasticity, using operant conditioning to train long-term changes in brain function. This plasticity is your innate ability to change and adapt in response to new experiences, learning, and environmental stimuli. Operant conditioning is a learning process where rewards or stimuli are provided, contingent on some behavior. Here, the behavior is “involuntary” (you really cannot feel your EEG) so this becomes gentle shaping of brainwaves, over time. For the rewards, your neurofeedback system will provide real-time audio and visual events contingent on brain activity. Your brain notices when the events occur, as these “applaud” the brief change in your brain, and then by adjusting what is rewarded, the neurofeedback session can encourage more of those patterns to emerge.

Read more about Peak Brain Neurofeedback training, or Neurofeedback at Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Is QEEG safe?  Are there any side effects?  

  • QEEG is just a passive recording of the EEG, that is then processed into a population-comparison report. The only side effects are complaints of boredom from the executive function testing, and getting your hair rather messy

What is the process for setting up an assessment and a consultation?

  • Please reach out to any Peak Brain office to schedule an appointment, and mention this summer program offer. We will schedule a 90 minute visit where we perform the assessment, and a 30 min consultation for a few days later, to review the data and develop initial recommendations.
  • For the Summer Project we suggest booking the QEEG to start and finish a 2-3 month block of time, with QEEG assessments before and after, as well as consultation with each. That is all included for the discount $249 offer.

How long does a QEEG Brain Map take?

  • About 60 minutes, including a performance test (CPT for 20 min), gelled cap setup (20 min), and recording of the brain activity (20 min).
  • We review data with you (Zoom) a few days later

Does medication impact the QEEG

  • Yes, EEG needs to be recorded before daily meds and supplements, and before any caffeine that day, and stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin will need 48 hours from the last dose to not show up in the EEG. 

How Long do Nootropics impact the EEG?

  • Most compounds that impact cognitive performance, energy, and focus will show up in the EEG for abou 5 “half lives”.  You can look up the elimination half-life for the compounds and estimate.  Most nootrpics “wash out” of the EEG in 48 hours, so that is generally sufficient. 
  • If you want to capture the nootropics in your QEEG, a baseline without those compounds is recommends, and a 2nd assessment (same day or next day) where you have chosen to take your supplements about 90 minutes before the QEEG begins. We will recommend repeating the CPT executive function test, as well. 

Is QEEG Brain Mapping suitable for people of all ages?

  • Yes, QEEG can be done for kids as young as 6 months of age, with good population comparisons and ability to investigate features of brain resources.
  • Executive function testing usually accompanies a QEEG. Peak Brain includes that testing at age 7 and above. Below age 7 that there is too much variability for CPTs to be as useful at identifying outliers in executive performance.
  • We have QEEG and performance metrics – and good experience – through peak aging and later gerontology needs.

What is mindfulness?  Relaxation and sitting on a cushion?  

  • Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose, in a particular way, to the present moment. It is a form of attention or executive function training that leads to more self-control and better understanding of managing ourselves, over time.

What is neurofeedback?

Non-invasive exercise of the EEG using real-time measurement of the brain and games on a screen that react when the brain shifts resources

Is neurofeedback “zapping” the brain”

  • No, Peak Brain neurofeedback is fully passive, gently encouraging the brain to change itself.

Are the same neurofeedback protocols done for everyone?  

  • We tailor brain training approaches, including EEG neurofeedback, HEG neurofeedback, HRV biofeedback, and Mindfulness, to the individuals needs and goals, and continually adjust week to week based on daily observations.

What changes in ADHD or Anxiety can show up from neurofeedback?

  • The QEEG and CPT identified features of executive function and stress management usually show strong changes over a few months of neurofeedback.

How long does neurofeedback take to show effects?

  • Initial impacts are felt in the first few sessions, but briefly and not strongly. As one repeats sessions the effects build up and last, and the brain gets used to practicing new resources all the time.

How long should I do neurofeedback for, to support ADHD or anxiety?

  • Peak Brain usually sees large and stable changes in attention and stress features in 2-4 months, with 2 month (25+ sessions) usually supporting about 1 standard deviation of improvement when looking at the bell curve of typical performance on executive function testing. The QEEG changes to the same degree. 30 sessions is about the minimum required for long lasting changes. Larger needs may require more sessions to reach goals and stable changes.

A Gym for your brain: In office or at home!

Unlock your cognitive potential through personalized brain training! Peak Brain Institute offers a diverse array of neurofeedback brain training, tailored to your unique brain and cognitive goals.

If you struggle with regulating resources of sleep, experience difficulty managing focus, impulsivity, or staying on task, want support in understanding and shifting how your brain handles stress and worry, or want to super charge your creativity or athletic performance.. it all starts with your brain.

Neurofeedback can reliably train brain resources over time. Initial effects are usually felt in the first 2 weeks (6 sessions), and in as few as six weeks you can see measurable changes in CPT performance and QEEG testing. Plus – you experience it! 

Select a program above or get in touch with more questions teach your brain about Neurofeedback for: Attention, Stress, Sleep, Speed of Processing, Brain Fog, Sensory, Social, Creativity, Motivation, Performance, and more!

What Can Neurofeedback Do For You?

Clients Served
999 +
Brain Coaches

Led by Dr. Andrew Hill, PhD, Peak Brain boasts a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to providing scientifically-backed brain training services. Our team includes experts in neuroscience, psychology, and other related fields, ensuring that each client receives personalized and comprehensive support throughout their journey with us. This commitment to excellence and our team’s diverse skill set allows us to deliver unparalleled results for our clients, helping them unlock their full potential and live their best lives.

Understand and change your brain

Peak Brain is thrilled to offer Neurofeedback Training worldwide, with options to visit a Peak Brain office (LA, OC, STL, NYC, London, Stockholm) or take advantage of a fully remote QEEG Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback based brain-training program, from the comfort of your home!

If you want learn about your brain and get tools to change it we are your personal neuroscience education resource. Attention, sleep, stress, motivation, speed of processing, clarity, creativity, and other brain goals are among the things that can be tracked and changed. Take the next step and gain insight into your cognitive and performance resources with a QEEG brain map.

Fill out the form below to explore our office and remote neurofeedback programs – we will send you a summary of pricing and program info, plus answer any questions.

Whatever your brain goals, let Peak Brain Institute provide you with more agency and understanding about your brain!

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