Peak Brain Training Kit with Supervised Training

For those who aren’t able to regularly visit Peak Brain’s Los Angeles Headquarters, Peak Brain offers a supervised home training package. It’s not for everyone, but if you have some technical ability, and some attention, stress, sleep, or other broad performance goals, it may be for you.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Initial Intensive

This is an intensive to get you up to speed on self-training your brain. For three days, you will practice training your brain with neurofeedback. This is about the minimum time required to produce some effects; the goal is to teach you the process instead of provoke large changes, although quick responders will get some effects when they are here.

The first day, we will perform a Quantitative EEG on your brain and teach you about the process of QEEG and what your data means, and then we will furnish you with a copy of your raw brain data for further analysis, as well as prepare a report on clinical impressions of the QEEG with regards to your brain performance.

The goals of the Intensive are to help you practice supervised neurofeedback, protocol setup on yourself (or your child or spouse), and learn the process of training, including keeping track of your sessions and progress, learning to use the software and EEG devices, and learning to find scalp locations for training.

Step 2: Two Follow-Up Days

Every day you are here includes a one hour meeting with Dr. Hill, and he will directly oversee your first neurofeedback session each day. You will also practice a second time each day, and later, you can take advantage of our 1:1 mindfulness coaching and our evening mindfulness groups.

Sample 3-day Itinerary

     – Day 1: 9 am – 1 pm: QEEG recording, Attention assessment, neurofeedback session, QEEG discussion, and 2nd neurofeedback sessions.
     – Day 2: 9 am – 12 pm: Attention assessment (IVA+) and two neurofeedback sessions with 1:1 meditation instruction between them.
     – Day 3: Two neurofeedback sessions, kit setup practice, and instruction on charting and logging sessions.

Neurofeedback Training Kit

After the Intensive, we send you home with a Peak Brain training kit (pictured) including:

  • Q-Wiz 4 channel EEG and HEG amplifier
  • BioExplorer training software
  • InnerTube game license and software
  • BxShadow software
  • EEG electrodes, paste and prep materials
  • Gaming-quality 15” laptop (with dedicated video card and current i5 or i7 processor)
  • Sleep tracker


          – pirHEG headset (for passive infra-red hemoencephalography training)
          – HRV device (emWave Pro)
          – Game controller (Steelseries)
          – Cable set (20 foot HDMI and USB cable)


To keep you moving forward with your brain training goals, we then provide training support for an initial three month period. This supervision includes checking in via text or phone with questions- We especially want to know how the first weeks of training are going!

 The first few weeks we will ask for weekly calls to talk about your progress.

  • Daily, simple survey on 10 aspects of brain performance
    – This data reported back to us helps guide your training protocol selection
  • Ongoing supervision of neurofeedback protocol selection
     – Peak Brain clinical staff will monitor your charts and make adjustment to your training plan weekly or as needed based on results.
  • Technical support when using training software
     – Call our technicians for support if you forget how to do something


Have questions about our Remote Training process, or want to know more about neurofeedback? Get in touch!