This 2-hour interactive workshop is designed to delve deeper into qualities of mindfulness such as openness, curiosity and the ability to challenge automatic thoughts and assumptions. 

In addition to meditative and reflective exercises, we will incorporate the Points of You coaching game which uses images and words to elicit new insights and self-awareness. 
Highlights Include: 
MEDITATING to awaken our inner magician, the archetype that allows us to see beyond the boundaries we create for ourselves 

PLAYING the coaching game Points of You to gain insights about what matters most to us

REFLECTING on and SHARING what we discover in the process

WRITING an action plan to take into our everyday life

The workshop will take place at the Culver City Peak Brain office on Sunday, June 18th from 6:30pm to 8:45pm.

The cost is $40. 

Light refreshments will be served!

To RSVP, email Samantha at