Training My Brain: A Great Science Experiment

Training My Brain: A Science Experiment by: Stefani Beckerman Note: This piece is part 1 of a 12 week series. I am the creator of WellDone, and have never had brain training before. Visit or @welldone to learn more. In this series, I document how my neurofeedback experience with Peak Brain Institute feels for[…]

Peak Brain’s Meetup group: Learn and Practice Mindfulness and Serenity

Peak Brain’s Meetup group: Learn and Practice Mindfulness Get notified and RSVP for Peak Brain’s free talks, groups, and activities at our  MeetUp group! Example topics include ADHD, Autism and ASD, Aging, Mindfulness, Meditation, Neurofeedback, Nootropics, and other mind-body focused events.  Our goal is to support body-mind training and “biohacking” focused individuals, with information and connections[…]

Dr. Hill on Inspireland: Enhance Your Imagination

Dr. Hill on Inspireland Peak Brain’s Dr. Andrew Hill as the episode guest on the Inspireland Podcast, discussing brain plasticity, meditation,  neurofeedback, and ADHD as well as nootropics, biohacking, nootropics, and other less mainstream Peak Brain strategies! Listen here!

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