What Does Being Fully Present Even Mean?

Being Fully Present Note: This piece is part 3 of a 12 week series by me, Stefani Beckerman, creator of WellDone. Before now, I’ve never had any brain training. This is the real-time documentation of how neurofeedback with Peak Brain Institute feels for me and effects my life. All content is an honest account of[…]

Training My Brain: A Great Science Experiment

Training My Brain: A Science Experiment by: Stefani Beckerman Note: This piece is part 1 of a 12 week series. I am the creator of WellDone, and have never had brain training before. Visit or @welldone to learn more. In this series, I document how my neurofeedback experience with Peak Brain Institute feels for[…]

Thanksgiving: The Healthiest Holiday (For Your Brain)

  Even if all you do is sit around and eat all day, (and we do recommend turkey, and dark chocolate,) the giving thanks part of Thanksgiving is actually powerful exercise… for your brain. Today we take a look at the neuroscience of this powerful phenomenon. Start The Holiday Season Right; End It That Way Too Thanksgiving marks[…]

The Best Secret Brain-Boosting Power Turkey

The Secret Brain-Boosting Power Turkey Although the myth that turkey makes you sleepy is long-debunked, it doesn’t mean that turkey doesn’t have an effect on your brain. In fact, as we wrote in our last article, ‘Food’ and ‘drugs’ technically have the same definition. Both are substances that have physiological effects when introduced to the body. Thanks[…]

The 8 Ways Peak Performers Use Chocolate Enhance Brain Function!

This Friday, November 9, our founder Dr. Andrew Hill will give a FREE TALK titled “This is Your Brain on Chocolate. Located inside of ChocoVivo’s divine boutique chocolate shop in Culver City, Dr. Hill will present for the first time the findings of Peak Brain’s own study on chocolate’s effect on EEG (brainwaves). This unique[…]

Dr. Hill on the Dr. Drew podcast #166

Dr. Hill on the Dr. Drew podcast #166 Returning guest from TruBrain Dr. Andrew Hill joins Dr. Drew this week to discuss his studies of the brain and to give Drew an update on how his research has progressed since his last appearance on the show … Listen to the podcast here.

Dr. Hill on the Dr. Drew podcast #135

Dr. Hill on the Dr. Drew podcast #135 Neuroscience expert Dr. Andrew Hill joins Dr. Drew for a conversation about brain health and how different actions will impact the development of the brain. They also discuss minimal cognitive impairment and how that term relates to some of the recent Donald Sterling controversy. As the show[…]

Peak Brain’s Meetup group: Learn and Practice Mindfulness and Serenity

Peak Brain’s Meetup group: Learn and Practice Mindfulness Get notified and RSVP for Peak Brain’s free talks, groups, and activities at our  MeetUp group! Example topics include ADHD, Autism and ASD, Aging, Mindfulness, Meditation, Neurofeedback, Nootropics, and other mind-body focused events.  Our goal is to support body-mind training and “biohacking” focused individuals, with information and connections[…]

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