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Peak Brain provides Amen-specific resources for Doctors as well as Patients.


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2-3 SD change is common in 3 month Neurofeedback Programs
How IS peak brain different?

Peak Brain teaches clients to understand their EEG and get a clear grasp of their neuroscience, and goals around improving performance or reducing suffering. Peak Brain creates individualized and iterative neurofeedback programs, with clients training 3-4 times per week, across 3-6 months.

All of our programs can be done fully remotely, guided by live staff..

Program include a Functional Neuroscience consult, plus meetings with client Brain Coach, to review data and goals/ All programs ialso nclude 1:1 and group Mindfulness Coaching opportunities. Brain Coaches review daily reports on sleep, stress, attention, and other igoals, and help adjust training plans with senior staff.

Peak Brain strives to enable access as well as agency. Our cost structure reflects this, with the 3-month and longer Neurofeedback programs effectively pricing each session at under $100 in packages of sessions in the Remote program. Our in-office QEEG membership also provides unlimited annual office QEEG access. This is included with any neurofeedback program, but can be purchased separately for a fee of just $249 (discounted from $499 for Amen Clinics contacts).

At least 2 QEEGs are also included in all of our Remote Neurofeedback programs.

Who is Peak Brain Institute?

Peak Brain provides brain QEEG Brain Mapping, Neurofeedback, and Mindfulness Coaching through both office locations and Remote services, to provide better agency and access around brain performance resources.

We use cognitive neuroscience assessment tools to coach, educate, and demystify the brain and support the pursuit of change using neurofeedback and mindfulness. 

Amen Clinics & Peak Brain Parternship - How can Peak Brain benefit Amen clinics patients?

Peak Brain’s local and remote programs provide neurofeedback to clients worldwide.

We provide accessible programs with easy onboarding, robust education, and live 7-day a week Remote support.

Brain Training

Acessible Remote & Office neurofeedback

After identifying brain-focused goals, Peak Brain supports Amen Clinic patients in their pursuit of brain changes. Amen Clinics patients can work with Peak Brain, knowing that we can communicate with their Amen Doctor and team as appropriate, to support their care.

Our fees as well as data policies support access. Our standard program for new neurofeedback clients is a 3-month program of supervised in-office or guided remote neurofeedback training, which enables up to 55 remote (or 40 in-office) neurofeedback sessions plus 2 Remote QEEG assessments.

Discounts! The 3 month program fee of $5999 is discounted to $5479 for Amen referrals.

Free add-ons! Peak Brain also provides additional reporting and communication services to Amen doctors and patients, including an EEG Traits report and Program Summary report, each a $249 value, as part of the bundle offer.

Peak provides services at physical centers in the USA (Los Angeles, Orange County, New York City, St. Louis) and has international presence (London, Stockholm), as well as via our worldwide Remote Neurofeedback program.


Every brain is different – we are all unique.!

We will create a neurofeedback program tailored to your brain & goals. 

The QEEG “Brain Map” is our starting place, alongside an executive function test (CPT). This compound assessment provides a close look at your brain resources by putting physiology (EEG), and performance (the attention test) in contrast, and seeing which of your goals and performance opportunities may be represented. QEEG Brain Mapping can be done in our offices (LA, OC, NYC, STL, London) or fully Remote, with live Coaching calls to help you gather your EEG baseline.


The remote kit will be shipped to your door. It includes everything: an EEG cap (a swim cap that measures brain waves), a laptop, gel and ear-clips, and advanced software to gather the data.

Setting an EEG up on your own may seem daunting, but dont worrry! We have a team of coaches who would love to walk you through every step, and will help you gather quality EEG data. Your live coach will ensure that your data is the same great quality we get in our office locations.

After your brain map, you will review your data in a functional neuroscience discussion with Dr. Andrew Hill. You will learn to use these tools to understand your own neuroscience. The QEEG and executive function assessments help you outline resources and inform brain goals from your data. 

Understanding your brain gives you opportunities to create change!

Amen Clinics & Peak Brain Parternship

How Peak Brain benefits Amen Doctors

Peak Brain’s data processing, functional neuroscience, and mindfulness coaching teams each have decades of experience. By providing the same data gathering, review, planning, and a quality of EEG and neurofeedback to clients worldwide, we make real change accessible to your patients, and help them address goals in brain performance.

How much change? For the resources we routinely measure – resting EEG and executive function on a CPT – we routinely see 2 standard deviations of change in our 3 months program, for classic executive function and anxiety features.

For our partners, we also support your development, through ongoing education in QEEG and neurofeedback, as well as providing transparency for who we are working with, using a private partner dashboard, to aid Amen Doctors in requesting data for their shared clients.

Special value offer for Amen referrals

For Amen Clinics patients, Peak Brain will also collect releases and share reports:

  • Trait Report: QEEG Endophenotype and CPT performance trait summary and review
  • Program Summary Report: pre/post QEEG, CPT, client experience, goal changes

Peak Brain wants to remain useful to our scientist practitioner clinician partners.
With human data we find individual case reviews the most useful for providing this value.

Peak Brain will maintain a bi-weekly Peak Brain Partner rounds for Amen Doctors and staff to attend on a drop in basis, as well as provide an always-live chat (via Slack channel) for Amen affiliates to consult on ongoing or past cases. Please see the shared client roster Dashboard for links to access.

Following completion of any neurofeedback program, Amen patients can make use of free repeat QEEGs at our physical centers, with additional annual fee of $499 discounted to $249,

Amen patients who use Peak Brain only for QEEG and not a neurofeedback program will still benefit from an Trait Report ($249 value) as an added benefit for Amen Clinics and patients


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