Peak Brain Institute Now Offering NEUROFEEDBACK & QEEG Brain Mapping For Amen Clinics Patients!

Understand and change your brain

Peak Brain is thrilled to offer Neurofeedback Training for Amen Centers patients, providing options to visit a Peak Brain office (LA, OC, STL, NYC, London) or take advantage of a fully remote QEEG Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback based brain-training program, from the comfort of your home!

If you want learn about your brain – and get tools to change it – we are your personal neuroscience education resource. Attention, sleep, stress, motivation, speed of processing, clarity, creativity, and other neurological goals are among the things that can be tracked and changed. Take the next step and gain insight into your cognitive and performance resources with a QEEG brain map.

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Whatever your brain goals, let Peak Brain Institute provide you with more agency and understanding about your brain!

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Every brain is different – we are all unique.! We will create a neurofeedback program tailored to your brain & goals. 

The QEEG “Brain Map” is our starting place, alongside an executive function test (CPT). This compound assessment provides a close look at your brain resources by putting physiology (EEG), and performance (the attention test) in contrast, and seeing which of your goals and performance opportunities may be represented. QEEG Brain Mapping can be done in our offices (LA, OC, NYC, STL, London) or Remotely in your home, with live Coaching calls to help you gather your EEG baseline.


The remote kit will be shipped to your door. It includes everything: an EEG cap (a swim cap that measures brain waves), a laptop, gel and ear-clips, and advanced software to gather the data.

Setting an EEG up on your own may seem daunting, but we have a team of coaches specially trained to walk you through every step of the process, and help you gather quality EEG data. Your live coach will ensure that your data is the same high quality we get in our office locations.

After your brain map, we’ll schedule a functional neuroscience discussion with Dr. Andrew Hill where you learn to use these tools to understand your own neuroscience. The QEEG and executive function assessments can outline resources and inform goals from your brain data. 

Understanding your brain gives you opportunities to create change!


Peak Brain Institute’s remote neurofeedback programs include the same tools and software used in our offices.
Our programs are turnkey, without anything to purchase in US programs, and realtime support is provided – 7 days a week!

How Does It Work?

Neurofeedback training leverages basic learning principles.  A computer measures the amount of “brain waves” in different frequency bands (theta, beta, alpha, etc) moment to moment, as you make them, using EEG.

When those bands shift in the right direction to meet the “workout” criteria (ie.. what you want to train for that session) then the computer will “applaud” the brain by making a game provide audio or visual reward.  When the brain moves in the “wrong” direction for the session, the auditory or visual feedback slows or stops, but then increases again when the brain moves in the “right” direction. 

Since we cannot feel our EEG, this is a mostly involuntary process, but after 3-4 sessions many people start to feel subtle aftereffects with each session. Those effects linger from very briefly up to a day or so after the session. We ask you to report on how your sleep, stress, attention, energy, or other goals may shift, and then we iterate and adjust for your next neurofeedback session. Over time, the subtle state shifts built into more long lasting resource and trait changes. 

Neurofeedback training, sometimes referred to as EEG biofeedback, provides information to the brain about its own activity in real time via this operant conditioning mechanism. Neurofeeback allows your brain to learn and change, building resources in the direction you design.

You set the goals, and your feedback day to day guides changes. Dr. Hill and our Coaches use the data from your brain map and goals to inform and direct your neurofeedback protocols, employing different techniques to support tranformation!

Convenience and Consistency

Just like physical exercise, consistency is important if you want to experience changes from brain training. Unlike exercising your body, exercising your brain with neurofeedback often produces lasting change as you approach 30-50 sessions, Changes become measurable in the QEEG and performance testing, and show up throughout your life. To achieve this, Peak Brain suggests training 3-4 times per week, for about 30 minutes per session, or about every other day. 

Peak Brain supports you with education on all techniques, plus live practice for the first 2 weeks of neurofeedback sessions. Then we support you with live coaches who are available via private chat, 7 days a week / 12 hours a day. Coaches help you check wire placement, adjust protocols, troubleshoot tech issues, and to just chat about your brain! 

Personal Care Around-The-Clock

Like physical trainers, our coaches work with you to set goals and develop interventions to support change. We use your QEEG data to help understand you and to design neurofeedback protocols to help reach your goals. Throughout your program, we’ll gather additional QEEG data to see how your brain has shifted to support new resources, new performance, and changes in resting brain activity..

We have coaches around the world ready to answer your questions and assist you in your training – plus our neurofeedback kits are portable-enough to travel. We also use twice-a-day surveys to closely monitor your experiences and goal progress, and provide live chat support 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.

As your brain responds to your personalized brain training plan, we adapt to your experience and the goals you prioritize. Suffering with brain performance that is not where you want?  Shift happens. Get yours. 

Coaching & QEEG Assessments

Many Peak Brain clients train their brain for 3 months and then continue to work with us over the years, taking advantage of low or no cost resources to support your brain performance journey.  While many clients renew with discounted 3 month (or 6 week, or 6 month) programs, we also have ongoing activities to support you, both in our offices and virtually.  Peak Brain Mindfulness groups are offered weekly, and low cost annual QEEG Memberships are offered for Neurofeedback program clients, plus discount referral pricing will be available for anyone you refer in (including family).

When you are ready to send back your kit we will provide a prepaid shipping label and complete your next remote QEEG brain mapping at the same time.  In-office QEEGs are also offered without charge for one year after your last neurofeedback session, to help you continue to monitor and manage your brain!.

GET Your peak brain!

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