Brain & Mind Training

Peak Brain Institute is a series of brain training centers.  Our flagship location has opened in LA, with two branch offices opening in other cities in 2016.  We hope to bring Peak to cities all around the country, but if you are in Los Angeles, don’t wait – contact us now and come in for your new brain.

Think of Peak Brain as your integrated brain-and-mind gym or fitness center.

We work with a wide variety of clients, and see a lot of people who are trying to improve skills with attention or stress management, sleep regulation, or other basics of brain health and performance.  Talk to us about your goals for addressing something you are struggling with or for peak performance goals.

We provide QEEG brain mapping services as an exploratory tool to help investigate the brain-mind connection, evaluating unusual patterns of resting activity that may be related to functional challenges or goals.

The Peak Brain neuroscience team tailors a neurofeedback and mindfulness training program for your brain, and your specific training needs, and gives you a comprehensive program of training and assessment for a manageble monthly cost without any hidden fees.

Peak Brain does not take insurance, but our brain wellness + fitness tools can change the trajectory of your experience and help you brain or mind learn new resources or skills.  We try to keep the costs as low as possible, and thus structure our training programs on monthly subscriptions.

Train for as long as you want – one month to a year, without any contracts or unexpected costs.

Contact us with your questions!

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