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Peak Brain Institute is a network of brain training centers. Our flagship location is in Los Angeles (2015), with branch offices opening in other cities in 2016. and growth ever since. Our office locations also include Orange County, New York City, St. Louis, London, and Stockholm, and we provide Remote Neurofeedback to clients all over the world, with live instruction and realtime support 7 days a week.

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What is Brain Training? Think of Peak Brain as your integrated brain-and-mind gym or fitness center. We use QEEG Brain Mapping, Neurofeedback, and Mindfulness training as the primary tools to help you transform.

We work with a wide variety of clients, and see a lot of people who are trying to improve skills with attention or stress management, sleep regulation, or other basics of brain health and performance. Talk to us about goals for your suffering or peak performance goals.

We provide QEEG brain mapping services as tool to help understand the brain and its performance though Cognitive Neuroscience, combining measuring performance and physiology, to develop models of how your brain and goals may work.The QEEG and CPT assessments we use pick up unusual patterns across people. We teach you to read the data, and you teach us what is important to you.

The Peak Brain Coaching team tailors a neurofeedback and mindfulness training program for your brain and your specific training goals. We give you a comprehensive program of training and ongoing assessments in a simple package cost without hidden fees.

Peak Brain does not take insurance, but our brain wellness + fitness tools can change the trajectory of your experience and help you brain or mind learn new resources or skills. We try to keep the costs as low as possible, and structure our training programs on multi-week and multi-month program subscriptions.

Train for as long as you want – From 6 weeks to a year, without any contracts or unexpected costs, and get the most support you can with your transformation

Brain Training

Explore our brain training programs

All of our programs are designed to keep you in control—providing agency and understanding— so you can get to know your brain and set the goals you want to get the brain you need.

QEEG Brain Mapping

Learn what makes you, you
Learn how to interpret your brain data and gain invaluable insights about your cognitive make up!


  • Unlimited brain maps for one year
  • 2 Functional neuroscience consultations
  • Access to group mindfulness sessions


Train your brain to build lasting cognitive rhythms
With programs from six weeks to six months, explore the power of your own brain and support change you can feel.


  • Personalized brain training protocols
  • QEEG Brain Mapping Membership
  • Individual mindfulness coaching sessions, brain coaching sessions, and more!

Mindfulness Coaching

Connect with yourself and promote healing
Work with our incredible mindfulness coaches and take strides toward anchored attention, stable focus, and control over reactivity.


  • Personal one-on-one mindfulness coaches available in weekly instruction programs
  • Ongoing support from to our remote and in-office group mindfulness classes

Learn About QEEG
Learn About Neurofeedback
Learn About Mindfulness

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