QEEG Brain Mapping (Remote, 2x) for Neuronic

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QEEG Brain Mapping (Remote, 2x) for Neuronic


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Remote 2x QEEG Program only available within USA. 

Book now, and we will reach out to schedule. Two week lead time required.


Learn to use your brain to guide PBM with Peak Brain’s QEEG Brain Mapping Membership!

With 2 QEEG Brain Maps, functional neuroscience consultations and access to our group mindfulness sessions for one year, you’ll understand your brain in a whole new way.

What’s included in this QEEG Brain Mapping (Remote) :

• Two (2) QEEG Brain Maps via our Remote Program, equipment sent to you, and our Peak Brain Coaches guiding you at every step.

• Includes Unlimited QEEG Brain Map access at any of our office locations, for 1 year

• Two functional neuroscience consultations on data and lifestyle

• Initial PBM planning from QEEG, monthly updates (2)


QEEG Brain Mapping (Remote, 2x) for Neuronic
Remote QEEG Brain Mapping
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