NeuroFeedback: The Breakthrough Technology That Can Boost Your Brain Power

Note: This piece is week 5 of a 12-week series. I shift between IG TV videos and written editorial. I am the creator of WellDone, and have never had brain training before now. In this series, I document how neurofeedback training with Peak Brain Institute feels for me and affects my life. This writing is an honest account of my personal experience and is not influenced in any way by Peak Brain. Visit or @welldoneguide to learn more.

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Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “If you want to change your experience, you have to be greater than your environment.” HUH?

He goes on, “To change is to act greater than the familiar feelings of the memorized self. By the time we are 35 years old, we unconsciously live by a set of memorized behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and emotional reactions that run like automatic computer programs behind the scenes of our conscious awareness.”


Life happens and we don’t always know how to process it. Situations trigger emotional responses and often, without realizing, we make those responses mean something by assigning a story to it.

The story we assign generally comes from a past experience that has disappointed us and creates a limiting belief. And then, we wind up being in the same situation over and over because every time it shows up, we meet it with the same faulty programming. For me, that story is typically generated by a feeling of insecurity or lack mentality. That’s just my thing, lucky me! So, every time an opportunity to tell myself “That’s because I’m not good enough” plays out, I tell myself, “I’m not good enough.” That then triggers fear, stress, anxiety, and all the other dragons we want to slay, which then triggers more of the unhealthy mind-chatter. And round and round we go. If you want to break the cycle, you have to become aware of your automatic thoughts and behaviors that you perform unconsciously when you are triggered by whatever emotion (mine, remember, is insecurity) you’ve memorized from all the years of buying into the belief.

The brain creates thought and behavior patterns. So, if we want to change our experience, we have to change our mind and brain. Enter Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback trains the brain to function differently by exercising resources to allow them to come under control more, or unsticks old patterns.

Once your brain starts signaling in an upgraded way, the way you respond to emotions will be different than before and old programming will be renewed. I.e, you start becoming greater than your environment and therefore your experience changes.

The practical benefits of Neurofeedback are clear and mine have been pretty obvious so I’ve tracked some insights for you here:

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What are the things I’m noticing on NeuroFeedback?

Overall, I’m more resilient. Challenging moments come and go more freely and peacefully. Before, I clung to the fear these moments triggered (because of past programming, old stories I attached).

Am I acting differently?

I feel more secure and I think that’s producing a different way I interact with the flow of life. I feel stronger and more connected to myself.

Am I sleeping better?

Many nights yes but I’m not sleeping through the night consistently. Getting there.

Am I thinking differently?

I think so! I have less monkey-mind. I’m more present and able to respond to the moment with ease instead of resistance and tension which comes from a fear-based mind. When I am present, my thoughts are more loving to myself and that generates a different train of thought.

Am experiencing less anxiety?

Definitely. Things that would have definitely sent me down the rabbit hole before are not triggering me. And, when they do try, I am able to change the pattern consciously and go a different direction. Pretty empowering!

Have I been able to detach myself from feelings of fear?

For the most part. I have moments that test me but in general, I would say that becoming aware of the fear has disempowered its power. Now, I see it as its witness and then do not becoming its victim.

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NeuroFeedback: The Breakthrough Technology That Can Boost Your Brain Power
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