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At Peak Brain Institute, our goal is to provide you with agency and support so you can achieve your cognitive goals.

As a part of our ongoing effort to care for our clients and improve our services, we would love to hear feedback about your time with us!

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All of our local Peak Brain offices are here to support you in a local city, as well as 100% Remote in our virtually supported, Remote Neurofeedback Programs. 

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Explore our brain training programs

All of our programs are designed to keep you in control—providing agency and understanding— so you can get to know your brain and set the goals you want to get the brain you need.

QEEG Brain Mapping

Learn what makes you, you
Learn how to interpret your brain data and gain invaluable insights about your cognitive make up!


  • Unlimited brain maps for one year
  • 2 Functional neuroscience consultations
  • Access to group mindfulness sessions


Train your brain to build lasting cognitive rhythms
With programs ranging from six weeks to six months, explore the power of your own brain and create shifts in your mental make-up


  • Personalized brain training protocols
  • QEEG Brain Mapping Membership
  • Individual mindfulness coaching sessions, brain coaching sessions, and more!

Mindfulness Coaching

Connect with yourself and promote healing
Work with our incredible mindfulness coaches and take strides toward health, healing, and greater awareness


  • A personal one-on-one mindfulness coach
  • Access to our remote and in-office group mindfulness classes

Peak Brain’s group of Brain and Mindfulness Coaches have been providing services to clients for over a decade!

We have refined the process of optimizing brain performance. Clients can work with Peak Brain in our local office programs (Los Angeles, Orange County, St. Louis, New York) or worldwide through our Remote program and international offices in London and Stockholm.

Train your brain at Home with our Remote programs, at Peak Brain offices, or with one of our Partners!

Shift Happens. Get Yours. unlock your Full potential

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